Pathway of Peace: Living in a Growing Relationship with Christ

Why do so many Christians still lack peace?

book-award-test The uncertainties of the world in which we live coupled with the fast pace and stress of daily living leave many people—including Christians—with anxieties about health, finances, relationships, the future, and more. 

We believe in Jesus and acknowledge He’s with us. We know the Bible tells us God has given us His peace and urges us not to worry. Yet many of us still struggle. Is it possible to experience God’s peace all the time? A peace born not only from trust in a sovereign God, but also from the assurance that we can hear His voice?

2017 Bookvana Book Award Winner
2016 Best Book Awards Finalist

Pathway of Peace: Living in a Growing Relationship with Christ explores key areas of life that cultivate enduring peace—including handling stress, quieting the mind, prayer, and forgiveness. Insights into relevant Scriptures and inspiring stories will encourage you and help you develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

As we learn to partner with Christ and live in His presence, we will not only experience His peace in our hearts but also find freedom from the worries and fears that so often plague us.

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