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C.O.F.F.E.E. and a New Friend

Last week, during our Midwest travels, my husband and I took a day to enjoy a bike ride along a quiet rail trail in western Michigan. Scenic and flat, it was my kind of trail, and despite the cold weather made for a pleasant outing.

We arrived in a small town called New Era, population 800. After lunch at the village diner where we were obviously “out-of-towners”, we wandered next door to check out a health food/coffee shop.

While waiting for the owner to make hubby’s afternoon espresso, we noticed a sign on her wall:


Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere

Within minutes we were chatting away with her about Christ, our shared faith, and the things of God—as if we’ve known each other for years!

Tracey shared with us how after seeking God’s guidance and prayer, He led her to find a new larger building she’ll be moving the business into this summer. How it all came together was clearly a “God thing.”

She desires to have her shop bring glory to God, and provide an oasis of calm to all who enter. She expressed her longing to embrace more of God’s peace in every aspect of her life.

While enjoying coffee, conversation, and finally prayer together standing at the register, “coincidentally” no other customer entered until we were saying “Amen.”

Tracey was one of many “divine appointments” we experienced during our 2 ½ week trip. What joy it is to discover on such a trip again and again life’s greater purpose than sightseeing, seeking relaxation, and enjoying restaurants. 

That we can bless and be blessed by the people we meet!

“For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13)

Every day God is showing us where He’s working, and inviting us to get involved. Are we willing to forfeit—even for a few minutes—our own agenda when He calls?

Maybe He’s putting someone in our path we need to speak to or can help. Perhaps He’s bringing a person to mind we can pray for.

When He does, don’t wait! He’s inviting us to act—now!

When we do, we’ll see Him working in ways we could never orchestrate on our own!

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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to coffee!!

  2. C.O.F.F.E.E. I Love it! I Love it! What a great acroynom! Especially when you love
    Christ and Coffee like I do! A terrific reminder of who and where Christ forgives.

    Tony Hroncich
    • Glad you enjoyed it, Tony. I know how you love Christ – and coffee!

      Cheryl Elton
  3. I love those divine appointments. They remind us not only of God’s whisper-close involvement and enthusiasm to orchestrate unexpected blessings, but they reflect His character. God loves lovefests! The unity of heart, the joy of like-minded love for Christ, and the thrill of fellowship are part of God’s own nature!

    Paul Norcross
    • You said it well, Paul – thanks for sharing your insights!

      Cheryl Elton
  4. Love coffee; loved this message! Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa Tomarelli
    • Yes, it’s great how God so often orchestrates us meeting people. How it brightens the day!

      Cheryl Elton
  5. Thanks Cheryl for the Word.

    Christopher Mulapwa
    • God bless you, Christopher. Praying for you this week as you teach God’s people!

      Cheryl Elton

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